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There's a lot of stuff in here, I hope you find something you like!


Here is some artwork that I like from other people. Check 'em out!


Telekinesis by SiberiumAbyss

Quite frankly, I don't find ANYTHING lacking in this piece whatsoever! The aura of terrifying power inherent both in Grace's concentrat...


Desert Storm by The-Iron-Warlord
Desert Storm
My second painting in its final form before the grade in Painting I. :D 

Any fans of the Heroes of Carnage series will be quick to point out the big black truck being the NightCrawler, here accompanied by the NightRider and an unknown pilot's vehicle on the Crawler's left flank (To the right). They are seen here being chased by Bellair's Demonspawn (Way in the background in the dust), and two of his minions' cars, all the while a huge desert sandstorm is bearing down on them while they run like mad to a location they're trying to get to.

This piece was also inspired in part by the trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road:…

This piece easily took about 30 hours.

Heroes of Carnage (C) Me

Talents (C) God
Sketchy Shenanigans 2 by The-Iron-Warlord
Sketchy Shenanigans 2

Hey, errebodeh, Just thought I'd post this incredibly old sketch dump that was mostly put together around my last semester of college at Germanna. 

At the top is an "Archangel" type aerial carrier, one of three built for the Jarvans, Armadians, and the Eurrannans. This one is the Armadian carrier named "Michael". Because of the amount of space set aside for storage of aircraft, munitions, ground equipment, and the like, these ships couldn't use the conventional central Fusion reactor placed within the centre of the hull. Instead, smaller reactors were used on four external wings, which also powered their own turrets on the dorsal and lower sides of each wing. These smaller reactors used several outlets on the bottom which directed the magnetic field generated by the reactors to allow the craft to hover, and could direct the reactor's power to rearward thrusters that propelled the carrier forward at extreme speed if the situation demanded it. Also, if three out of the four reactors were taken out of commission, which are armoured with thicker and harder than conventional plating, only one reactor would be necessary to thrust the carrier to optimal flying speed. If that situation were the case, the carrier would have to find a place to make an emergency crash landing. Of course, if all reactors are destroyed, the craft would sink out of the air slower than freefall because of residual magnetic fields from the reactors keeping the craft aloft, which would still rapidly reduce. 
Also, all turrets on the lower flank would be able to be turned around to provide a more hydrodynamic profile, as this ship could be seaborne as well, hence the blue line denoting the water level.

On the next page is a series of sketches including, clockwise from the sword, Aayrion's personal sword, a peculiar military truck making a great escape, Aayrion in his assassin attire, the corner of a suped up Dodge Challenger, and finally an ever-familiar Dalek shouting its most well-known phrase. 

The next page has scant five-minute sketches (I gotta admit, I was trying to make up for lost time on these). Clockwise from the top left, we have a Dragon's eye, an M1911 pistol, a weird dragon's forehead, a sketch of a dragon that was made in a couple of minutes right before class (I'm actually pretty proud of that one!), and a sloppy front flank of a battleship turret. 

The next page features sketches that depict, from left to right, a dracorian kneeling with a sword drawn, Serena standing in a sassy position (Love that girl. XD Although, I think I made her a little too buff in the arms with a waist that is slightly too small.), and her halberd, "Liberty's Mandate". 

The next picture depicts a WIP of Bellair's snotty steed from "Heroes of Carnage": a monster I like to call "Demonspawn". In the first episode, this beast was built from a huge luxury car, but here, I've changed it to be built from an Armadian APC, with the chassis stretched out to house a big conventional engine (Possibly the APC's original), mated along a complex transmission to an HF-103 Juggernaut's airplane engine. Originally out of a fighter that was produced, and honed, first during the closing stages of World War I, and used heavily by the Armadians during World War II, as well as running "Nitro Runs" on the enemy in World War III, this monstrosity of an engine is actually going to be something called an "X-block" engine, because it'll have four engine heads instead of the usual two. I don't know how efficient such a design could be, but I thought I'd entertain my mind about a design like this. The bottom heads aren't visible here yet. To start such a vehicle, one could first start the smaller engine in front, and use it as a huge starter for the engine behind it once a clutch was depressed. The aircraft engine could produce massive amounts of power and torque, allowing the car to be moved with relative ease. A 105mm Tank gun was salvaged from a wrecked Armadian tank and installed on this thing, which was also present in the first episode of "Heroes of Carnage". To accomodate Bellair's massive bulk, the front half of the roof was sawed off to allow him plenty of room to sit at the wheel. Other odds and ends, like huge metal spikes, were welded to the front and rear of this car to give it its imposing stance.

The page after the Demonspawn features sketches, clockwise from the top left, of a Dodge Challenger, The big bad dracorian himself, Bellair Khan, featuring the voice modulator that has, for some reason, been riveted to his face, Serena's new style, complete with a rather creepy eye, if I may say so (I think I'll have to move it forward a bit), and a battleship from World War I that should look familiar to you: the Balthazar, depicted here in a rough concept that was finalized more in "Angel of Fire"…

The final page depicts a rough draft of the layout of Curias at the time that "A Saviour's Legacy" takes place. The sizes and orientations of some of the landmasses may change, but this is the overall layout of how the world will look. 

The 1970 Dodge Challenger design (C) Chrysler

Dalek Design (C) Terry Nation

Artwork (C) Me

Talents (C) God
Desert Chase WIP 1 by The-Iron-Warlord
Desert Chase WIP 1
Late night submission of my next piece as it looks now, because why not?!

Ahhh, The NightCrawler's finally been unveiled in its full glory, in lineart, at least. :D I never realized just how tough a machine it really looked to be. It WAS originally a military vehicle, after all....More on that later. XD

Le's see if you can recognize any of the vehicles here besides the NightCrawler. There's two others you've read about thus far that are in this image, so let's see what your mind can find out! C:

Artwork (C) Me

Talents (C) God
Damaged Space by The-Iron-Warlord
Damaged Space
This is a drawing that was made a while ago, sometime in my last semester at Germanna Community College. 

We took charcoal and just laid it all out on our paper, making it black, and then used our erasers to "subtract" the charcoal from the paper and create an image.

Everyone else used photos to help them, I just used my mind as a reference for this. 

This piece is a prime example of how I've found that I can work without nearly any references at all, pulling a design out of my head that's only been there for not even a few hours. I absolutely love this skill!!

Artwork (C) Me

Talents (C) God
Chapter 3
As the door closed behind them, the metallic robot sitting at the control panel clicked and pressed a few other buttons and switches, causing the NightCrawler to be moved in the hangar by a magneto-levitator towards a station off to the side, behind one of the stealth bombers and by a reactor-charging unit that had been hidden from view before. The huge hangar doors closed as well, locking themselves in place with as much pomp and circumstance as before.

~~ * ~~ * ~~

Aayrion, who had now been traveling down the main corridor, heard the commotion behind him, causing him to wheel about with his shotgun poised.
“The hangar door must have closed. Aaaaarrrgghh! It’s okay, Aayrion, it’s okay. We’ll find a way out of here.”
Plans for their escape now developing in his mind, he pressed on through the corridor. He searched down many other hallways, eventually coming to what looked to be a sealed compartment for small arms weapons.
“Kali, I think I’ve found something.”
Keeping the shotgun up, he reached out at the wheel with one of his hands, and began turning it, but it only turned a few inches before coming up against the lock. Slinging his weapon, he got both hands gripping the wheel, and turned it further, feeling the locking mechanism shift with the other moving parts.
Reaching the end of the lock’s range of motion, he caught sight of a lever on the side, and he gripped it, pulling it and releasing the final lock, the door propping itself open slightly upon doing so.
He pulled it the rest of the way, revealing a chamber of combat gear, from armor to weapons.
“Jackpot. I found some weapons I haven’t seen before.”
That’s good. Do you know what they are?
“Don’t know yet.”
His eye instantly turned to the longer rifle-looking guns stored in a neat and orderly row on a rack off to the side. He pulled one of them out to examine it, and found it to be magazine-fed, just like his rifles, but upon finding the release for the magazine, he found that the ammunition was nothing more than sharp metal shards arranged in several columns in the magazine itself, which was as long as a conventional powder-burning cartridge. Each of the metal shards were diamond-shaped with rounded flanks, sharp points, and flat tails. They were largely a solid, absorbant black, with spreckles of silvery metal showing in many places.
Finding the ejection lever towards the top of the rifle on the left side, he pulled it back to confirm that there wasn’t any ammunition ready to be shot off, and seeing that it was clear, he inspected the chamber area, finding that it was lined with a heavy-duty magnet, and along with the rifling down the barrel, there were two high-powered magnets spiraling just outside of the barrel.
“I might have to pick up more than just a couple of these.”
I’m sure we’d appreciate that. The more rifles we have, the more arms we can hand out to people that share our goals.
He turned to the rack and began piling up the rifles in the carrying pouch on his back, glad that he still had the one big enough to fit a rocket launcher equipped. He ended up being able to fit four in it, and slipped many of the standard capacity magazines, which he calculated, based on the size of the bullets, could easily hold nearly ninety rounds, into the bandolier that was wrapped around his chest.
He kept one of them out with a fully loaded magazine, found what he thought was the safety switch near the trigger, and flipped it, a piercing noise like something charging up really quickly thrumming from the weapon for a split second.
“Ah, so it’s capacitor powered. It’s a rail gun.”
That sounds pretty high tech. You should test it and see what it does.
“In due time, Kali. In due time. You finding anything?”
Keeping his new infatuation in his right hand, he searched around and found a shotgun-type rail gun, as well as what he would have called a hand-held rail gun, much like his guns.
I’m not finding much.
“You want to come to where I’m at and load up on some other kinds of weapons? There’s a good amount of goodies in here.”
Sure. You’re probably happier than a dragon with a hoard of gold right now, aren’t you?
“You. Betcha. I’ll wait until you come here, then I’ll continue searching.”

~~ * ~~ * ~~

They were being watched by the robot floating near the controls, which was curious to their actions and their motives. Upon realizing that they were taking weapons from the armory, the metal sentinel sent a signal to several other pods, opening them in much the same manner as the first.
Finally, upon five other robotic scouts exiting their respective pods, the one up in the control panel sternly barked orders, its simulated voice full-bodied, deep, and distorted with a slight phaser:
“Life-forms have been detected on the Ark. We must find them and apprehend them for harvesting.”
“Coordinates received.”
“Moving out,” the other tank forms replied, with some differences in their voice timbres.

~~ * ~~ * ~~

Kali had made her way to where Aayrion was, nearly burning the routes in the maze of alleys in her mind as she crept around the dark, lightless interior of the ark. She had loaded herself up with a couple of the different kinds of armaments that Aayrion had found, and utilized some of the gear found alongside them to carry more of them: Each rifle and shotgun were fitted with slings, enabling her to carry four shotguns and a bandolier of their ammunition. She also fitted herself with a vest that had carrying holsters for a couple hand railguns and extra magazines.
She felt weighed down by the heavy amount of weaponry she now carried, but she was still able to move freely. She wielded two of the handguns in her hands to carry as much as possible.
“Should we take these weapons back to the truck so we can have them stored before we venture further?” Kali asked.
“That doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I’d like to try raiding the galley here, if there is one. I’m not in dire need of food, but more to restock for the future wouldn’t hurt.”
They then backtracked their steps through the doors they had opened in the halls, coming up to the door leading to the hangar. It opened before them, meeting them with a scene far different than they had left before.
Aayrion’s heart skipped a beat. Twice.
The NightCrawler wasn’t where they left it before, and much to Aayrion’s relief, he saw the rear end of the trailer he had fashioned out of metal for the truck, helping him to let out a sigh of relief.
“Things are getting kinda wacky, aren’t they?” He remarked, a nervous shake creeping into his voice.
They then strode around the rear towards the side facing the entrance door, opening the hatch and setting most of the weapons inside, meaning to organize them upon their final return.
As they closed the hatch and went back inside, Aayrion cast a wary glance in the NightCrawler’s direction, keeping note of its position in case it moved again when they next saw it.
He pointed two of his fingers to his eyes and pointed at the truck before entering the corridors again, mouthing the words “I’m watching you”.
“I guess if we don’t find anything else, we can always load up on more of those weapons and gear,” Kali reasoned.
“True. Let’s see what we can find.”
Splitting off again, they reached far deeper inside the ark this time, even reaching as far as what they would call the crew’s quarters.
“Want a bunk in the truck for you?” Aayrion asked.
No, that’s fine. I like sleeping on the roof.
“I never knew you slept on the roof! Now I’m going to worry about you every night!”
You’ve no need to. Besides, no one really knows I’m there anyway. Heck, you didn’t even know!
“I never noticed. Hang on.”
He stopped himself in front of a sliding door that was rather eloquently optioned with a security pad and heavier duty locks than normal, instantly drawing his attention.
“This looks important. I like taking a look at important things.”
He lifted his hand towards the keypad, and attempted for what may have been several minutes to guess the code that opened them, each time becoming slightly more and more disgruntled, until he stepped back, breathed deeply, hands held outward, and stepped forward with a sweeping motion of his hands, the force of his mental power ripping the doors apart and sending them flying open.
Unsurprisingly, the racket it created echoed through that section of the ark like a sound shouted in a tunnel made of metal.
What was that?
“I just exercised my psychopotency on a door that looked rather important.”
I hope no one’s hiding out in here that heard that. Now if anyone were here, they would know.
As he stepped into the room, he beheld with wonder the sight that lay before him: A panel of windows stretched from many yards on either side, lined with panels and relay points.
But it wasn’t the windows or the panels that took his breath.
Outside, mounted in the hull, standing what may have been several hundreds of feet wide, was a turret of highly destructive proportions, which rivaled the size of the turret that they had found next to the huge tank they looted armour and glass from not even a day earlier. Flanking either side were smaller turrets that had two long barrels protruding from their housing, a curiously designed channel lining the inside of the barrels.
“This thing isn’t just an ark. It’s a battlestation.”
What did you find that convinced you of that?
“I’ve just stumbled on a…I don’t even know what you’d call it, but there’s a group of turrets on one of the sides. The main gun is huge.”
There was a pause.
How huge?
“Like, bigger than that tank we saw earlier huge.”
Oh. Dear.
“My only question is, where are the crew? Why didn’t they staff this thing before all Hell broke loose?”
Maybe they just ran out of time. Wait a minute…Did the door you busted down have bigger locks and a keypad?
I just found another one. Maybe I can use my shotgun to tear the locks apart--
The sound of metal sweeping back and clanking and Kali falling down stopped Aayrion in his tracks.
No answer.
I’m right here, and I’m still fine. It looks like I found the reason why this ark wasn’t crewed.
“And what was that?”
Nearly the entire command center for this side is gone. All that’s left is a gaping hole where some windows should be, and a huge hole where--that was where the main turret was?! That’s HUGE.
“This ark must have been attacked, and they must have been undergoing repairs when the cataclysm took place.”
Indeed. I didn’t notice them before, but there is severe damage on the hallway I’d never seen before. The doors must not…
The last bit of information trailed off from Aayrion’s consciousness, because he felt something behind him.
And it didn’t feel friendly.
Readjusting the grip on his pistols, he wheeled around to face a robotic pile of cylinders hovering before him, his pistols pointed directly at the dome.
It was armed as well, with a longer railgun coming out of the middle module’s right housing, and a prodding arm fitted on its left.
“Drop your weapons, and this conflict can be resolved peacefully,” the metal form stated, its voice distorted in a tenor’s tone.
“Who are you, and what are you doing here?” Aayrion returned, his pistols still drawn and pointed.
“We are those named the Successors, succeeding those who came before us and carrying their torch into the future.”
“Excuse me? ‘We’? There’s more of you?”
“Yes. We are an army.”
Aayrion’s spine tingled.
“Kali, be wary, you might have something coming after--
Her screams came through the headset, followed by a distortion of the signal.
She’d been stunned.
“What did you do to her?” He inquired furiously, every word spat out of his mouth like he had ingested some distasteful food.
“We have merely collected her for experimentation.”
His eyes widened in anger.
“You. Did. What?”
His pistols lined up the shots. The Successor’s prodding arm began to charge with lightning-like electricity.
“And soon, we shall collect you--
Two, no, four gunblasts later, the self-proclaimed Successor had its scope module destroyed, and the insides of its dome were scrambled and battered. It suddenly dropped out of the air with a grandiose crash, its systems powering down from the loss of power.
Just the way he liked it.
“Not if I had anything to say about it,” Aayrion added. He approached the downed Successor, noting there was a slight film of dust that accumulated on it before being deployed.
He swept his hand across the front of the main hull, and uncovered an unsightly insignia:
A general “V” shaped logo was there with bars that went straight down for a few inches, and then followed the V’s angled sides, splitting off into other bars that went off in forty-five degree angles at the center, and inverted out at the top. The “V”’s shape was the tank’s body colour--A dull bluish grey-- and above it was a staggered triangle, like an ancient pyramid.
“Verloran,” he muttered under his breath.
The Successor sparked back to life without warning, Aayrion jumping back nearly the entire width of the command center to keep out of range.
“sUBject 1s -0-Til3” it stammered, all sort of activity flashing across what was left of the triangular display at the top of the dome.
“What? How?!”
Aayrion jumped off to the side and rolled, narrowly missing a blast from its rail gun, which ripped a big hole the size of a dining room table in the armor plating on the outer hull.
Before it could get another shot off, he whipped his shotgun out, loaded a slug in the action, and pulled the trigger with the bead directly on the dome.
If this didn’t do it, he didn’t know what would.
The slug just arced off of a blue force field around it, ricocheting into the ceiling instead.
“Magnetic shielding. Of course!”
The Successor’s center module turned independent of either other module to follow the sound of his voice, and opened fire again, Aayrion ducking out of the way again.
A large hole was now blasted into the corridor, bigger than the door that was originally the entrance.
“You didn’t like the handguns or the shotgun, let’s see if you like this!”
He pulled out the assault rifle he had looted out of the armoury, pulling back the charging lever, aiming down the sights, and letting loose.
The gun vibrated hard in his hands, each bullet combusting from the chamber and exploding into a spectacular  fireball out of the barrel.
The Successor took repeated hits, albeit the projectiles did deviate from their main trajectory, but only slightly.
Aayrion let off the trigger. The Successor, now riddled with holes, stumbled before him, trying to keep itself airborne, but only lost its magnetic thruster off the left rear, causing it to fall over and lose power again.
Aayrion loaded another slug into the shotgun, and shot straight through the dome’s remaining armour, blasting it off entirely.
“I hope that’s the end of you.”
He walked off, assault rifle now in hand, down the corridor, which led to who knows where.
He wasn’t about to leave Kali to be experimented upon.

“Unit number 4487 has been downed! Repeat: Unit number 4487 has been downed! Seek and destroy his last target!” The Successor behind the control panel roared.
“Converging,” one of the Successors responded, a red dot within a schematic of the ark blinking on its internal display.
The next Successor was less than a few corners away, and its thrusters lit brightly beneath it to speed it to its next target.

Aayrion ran fleetingly down each corridor, trying madly to find out where they might have taken Kali.
But, if she were on a gun platform similar to the one Aayrion was present at, and considering the sheer size of the Ark, that means she was several hundreds of feet away, and she may have been hauled off to some obscure place far away.
He heard the electric pulsating of some magnetic thrusters coming up around a corner, and knew he’d have a harder choice to make.
The Successor whirled around the corner, stopping maybe ten feet in front of Aayrion.
“Your efforts to escape us will be futile…” the advanced metal tank-form told him, the scanner mounted on its left side brimming with light as several beams scanned Aayrion’s body.
“Oh, this isn’t gonna be good.”
The white triangular display on the Successor’s dome changed to blood-red, its weapon readying itself to fire.
He leapt backwards and landed on his back, the fiery blue bolt shooting past his face and down the hallway, exploding with substantially greater force on the ceiling.
Another bolt flew by.
“YOU MUST BE--Correction: prior order has been retracted. Target must be subdued!”
Aayrion got out from where he had hidden himself beside one of the corridor’s ribs, and tried running as fast as his feet could carry him, leaning forward and keeping himself up with as much speed as he could muster.
An electronic pulse shot out from the gun, freezing Aayrion’s joints. He felt his shins hit the floor, and then the rest of his body followed suit.
The electrical charge overwhelmed his consciousness, and he lost it, his vision closing to black as another Successor emerged from another corner, its prodding arm expanding into four arms that began to envelope him.
Heroes of Carnage: Unburied Relic: CH 3
And here's the next chapter for Heroes of Carnage! The robotic beings finally reveal who they are, and the duo get captured by the scarily efficient Successors. What's going to happen to them?! How are they going to get out now?

Heroes of Carnage (C) Me

Kali (C) The ever-so-kind SiberiumAbyss

Talents (C) God
EDIT: I've gotten to thinking lately, and I think I'd be more invested in "A Saviour's Legacy" if I were to rewrite it from the beginning. The old chapters will be left on here as a marker for my development, but I think that story needs a major revamp, especially considering I feel I've grown as an author since the last time I wrote it. With trying to fit a new timeline onto the existing story, it pains me to think about going with the new story from here and leaving the old decrepit story as its beginning. Not good juju. XD Would you guys be up for that? END OF EDIT

You wouldn't think it, but ever since I've been here at college 4 1/2 hours from home, I've been writing SOMETHING for Heroes of Carnage for just about every night for the last week. And I've been able to keep up with my work so far. EXPLAIN THIS, PLEASE XD

Seriously, my hands have just been burning up my keyboard while writing all this. In fact, before I came to college, There wasn't any Chapter 2 for Episode 2 even written yet, and now here I am with it all posted up. That's gotta be a record. And Chapter 3 isn't far behind!

I'm enrolled in three art classes this semester, though, one of them painting, so I'll get my other mediums on here soon! I'm kinda excited about it, really, even though I had to get ALL of the painting supplies, which cost me half of my body. Who knows? Maybe I can get a digital art class sometime in a future semester where I can finally use my tablet like I've wanted to use it in a LONG time. 

In other news, Axel has very nearly been regenerated! I've been working on rebuilding a second car we had bought from someone for $500, and I took him out for his very first run on a Friday a week ago! (It's really been that long already? :O) He stalled on me a few times, but that's because when the throttle is let off, the engine dies, possibly because of a misfire. Other than that, and a couple other parts, the car's ready to go get inspected! I've also gotten license plates for it, and it's on insurance now. I think it's literally just a Fall break away from being done and ready to go!

Here's my build thread for that car on the Grand Prix Forums, in case any of you are interested in seeing just what it's taken to get where I am now:…

I should have more art to post soon as classes ramp up! It might not be for a little while, though.
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Is a Star Wars freak (Galactic Empire FTW!),
Loves cars(Dream car is a black 1970 Challenger with a blown 528 Hemi, yellow-orange to Ignition-Orange flames on hood and sides (Mixed between old-school flames and realistic-looking flames), NASCAR Racing wheels; gotta draw it sometime!),
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And is now searching for a job in order to make some money. Drawing commissions for cars, maybe? XD

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