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Quite frankly, I don't find ANYTHING lacking in this piece whatsoever! The aura of terrifying power inherent both in Grace's concentrat...

Heyo! Thought I'd give you guys an update after so long, especially to update you with something that's positive and rather intriguing instead of skulking into the abyss where my mind likes to wander so much....Anyway, Since the last journal, my family and I have completed a move into another house that we are currently renting from a friend of ours, which was his mother's house, and whom has since passed away. Our friend, who now owns the house, is letting us stay here with all of our stuff until we find another house to purchase and move into, preferably a fixer-upper that needs some work, and that we can make our own. It's a curious story how we're in this current position, though, and I'll take you into what our situation is currently:

A family that we had never met before was living over in Germany because of the military, and they had just recently moved back into Virginia to settle down and get connected with a church somewhere around here. Both parents had felt their hearts being called to find a church to settle in and become a part of before finding a house to live in, and by chance, our family was wishing to find another place that would be suitable for what my parents would wish to pursue as a form of business, as well as sustain and grow our own food and have our own pole barns to store our multitude of Pontiacs and work on our cars. It just so happened that this other family had found our church to settle in, and they got connected to a life group that my parents were leading at the time. This couple and my parents soon became friends, as usually happens with everyone in these life groups in our church, and my parents soon learned about their search for a home close to the church, since they felt that their hearts were very well settled in our church, and my dad told them, half jokingly and half seriously, that they could buy our house if they wished. They were already looking at a couple other houses in the area, but they still considered our house, which made it to their final consideration. Fast forward to a day spent together at the park with this new family a week or so later, discussing offers on the house and how to go about closing costs and a final offer, and we found ourselves coming "home" still taking in the fact that we had just agreed to sell our house to this family. 

Now, you might be wondering "Where did you guys go if you just sold your house? You had to move out sometime, right?"

Correctomundo! At the time, we didn't know where the heck we were going to stay until my dad had a revelation sometime later as he was coming home from a job and recalled a few things that were going on with a friend of his:

1. His mother, who lived in a house just about right in his back yard, had just passed away, leaving that house vacant while they were liquidating all of her assets that she left behind; he didn't plan on living in this house for a while
2. There were many projects around the house that his friend wanted to finish in that house, as there were many areas where there could be improvment
and 3. Business for his friend was quite slow, so he would definitely appreciate some other form of income.

He then got in touch with said friend, and said that he might have a plan that would help all three of those things:

We could move in, pay rent, and fix up those things that needed fixing or updating. 

His friend put this by the rest of his siblings, and they unanimously gave us permission to move in while paying monthly rent that was much less than the monthly mortgage that my parents were paying on the old house.

So now here we are, all of our belongings from an 1800-sq.ft. two-story house fit inside a 1200-sq.ft. one story one. Ironically enough, my room is larger than the one I had in our old home, allowing for a drum set to be set up in addition to my desk, bed, and nightstand/dresser. :D

Soon afterward, I went with a few friends and acquaintances to a gun show held in the area, and grew my arsenal even more with the acquisition of a Mosin Nagant M44, a shotgun sling (Without swivel hardware, oddly enough, but I found some parts to complete it), ammunition for my newly acquired rifle, and even more ammunition for my shotgun, as well as a gun case that was originally meant for the shotgun, but ended up being a handy carrying case for my Mosin because of its length being different. It's safe to say, I spent about $400 that day, which shocked me on the way home. The feeling has worn off a bit, but it's encouraged me to tighten up my expenditures, since I'm still looking at getting a truck that's ready to rock, AND also yearning to get a rather expensive plane ticket to see my best friend in Aussieland. With time and hard work, I'll certainly gather up enough money to accomplish both, but just recently, I'm also looking at procuring a rather fine semi-automatic rifle in a bigger caliber (.308 Winchester/7.62x51mm NATO or 7.62x54R, the Mosin's cartridge), and seeing that the particular type of rifle I'm looking to get is especially rare now, I might have to shift funds towards yet another gun in my future.

In terms of college, I've enrolled in a drawing class, in hopes of helping me hone my skills as an artist, a graphic design class to help me learn how to use photoshop, and a communications and world history course to close out a full semester. As you might have seen, the drawing class requires five sketches per week, which will definitely be posted up here in sketch dumps every few weeks. :) 

I'm also wondering if you all would like to see the things I draw for the class itself? I definitely have quite a few things to post by now! :D

And that brings us to the current events: For the past few weeks, a family friend has informed me of a show that's being filmed locally that's looking for background actors or "extras", since their son is currently acting as an extra himself. Today, I went to a casting call one hour away from home, and after filling out some paperwork in a large, near-empty room, I filed in to a queue that led to getting our names and height information written on pieces of paper for us to hold up when our pictures were taken. As I waited and confabulated with two guys I had met at the beginning of the whole thing, a lady began going through the line to pick out people that fit in with what they were mainly looking for: A Caucasian man aged 18-40 with a slim build and long hair, and picked out a guy in front of me that fit those characteristics, starred his paperwork, and gave him a role that she thought would fit him and his schedule. Now, this is where it gets good for me: she turned to me, noting my features that fit the description, and also starred my paperwork, and wrote down that I would be good for the role of a prisoner on a prison ship that would be filmed for the series as a start. :D Once I got to the front of the line, I met with someone that worked with wardrobe fitting, whom told me that they would contact me when they wanted me to come in to get my measurements for the clothes. My "slate" had a star drawn in its corner denoting that I was chosen, and while waiting behind the same guy before that had his paperwork and slate starred, another woman came in, saw our starred slates, and called us to the front of the line to get our pictures taken for our acting profiles, and then we were free to go. So, I've already got a part as an extra in this series, and I'm pumped about it! I'M PUMPED, I'M PUMPED!! AW YEEEAA!

...Then came the damper on my day today. On the way home, I found out the hard way that I was driving my car too hard. Upon passing someone in a passing lane just a few miles out from home, my car wouldn't go above 75 mph, no matter how hard I pressed the gas pedal, and when I let off to see if the transmission was acting finicky (as they are known weak links in our cars--All of them Grand Prixs), I noticed that the revs went to zero, and the dashboard warning lights came on like a Christmas tree. The wheel became hard to turn, and I realized I needed to get out of traffic because my engine just plain stopped working, so I turned on my hazards and pulled off the side of the highway, fortunately stopping without incident. I checked the fluids in my car, noting that my oil level was fine, but the car wouldn't start up again. I called my dad, telling him I had a big problem, and he came out and picked me up (and all valuable and sensitive items in the car, lest someone wished to break in while we were gone). We then had dinner, arranged to pick up a car trailer from a friend, got the truck ready, and headed back out to my car. To our fortune, the car turned over and started back up, but not without squeaking severely. We loaded the car up onto the trailer and took it home, and upon listening to how it sounded when running to get it off the trailer and put it in its parking space, my father, whom has been a mechanic for a few decades at least, knew that the engine now was knocking a connecting rod, and now knew, and told me, that the engine was gone. He was amazed that it still functioned the way it did, and still had power, but now, Axel is no longer reliably functional. Fortunately, my mother has her own Grand Prix (with its own sensibilities), and my sister has her own as well, which will be left here at home once she goes to Italy to study abroad, so we aren't completely tightened up in terms of transportation options. This is also allowing plans to form in which I may be able to get my other car here at the house we're staying in, and begin switching parts over and doing more work to get that car closer to functional condition. It may be a sad day today that my car, Axel, has finally died, but this serves as a potential turn which may allow plans to be accelerated and finished. In addition, I've gotten an acting part, no matter how small, in a new original television series that is about the United State's first spy ring during the Revolutionary War, which will serve to pique my interest while also allowing me to dabble in a profession that I've wanted to get into. Some things may be looking down, but there are many more that are looking up. :)

If you have read to the end of this journal, Give yourself a pat on the back and accept these gooey double-chocolate-chip cookies. :3
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Radioactive--Imagine Dragons
  • Reading: World History textbook
  • Watching: Sherlock


Aaron Peterson
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am a Christian that likes the bands Metallica and Megadeth (to tell the truth, I like to listen to many kinds of music, country is OK, but rap isn't among my liking (Except LaCrae (Christian Rapper)), I especially like orchestral music!(Now, combine Rock and orchestra together, and you get one genre of music that kicks some tail! Example of this: Metallica's S&M Album!)),
Is a Star Wars freak (Galactic Empire FTW!),
Loves cars(Dream car is a black 1970 Challenger with a blown 528 Hemi, yellow-orange to Ignition-Orange flames on hood and sides (Mixed between old-school flames and realistic-looking flames), NASCAR Racing wheels; gotta draw it sometime!),
Has been a fan of dragons ever since reading Eragon and Eldest,
And is now searching for a job in order to make some money. Drawing commissions for cars, maybe? XD

Current Residence: Somewhere in VA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Metal, Classical (mostly soundtrack)
Favourite style of art: Digital or Traditional
Operating System: Windows Vista 64-Bit (facepalm...)
MP3 player of choice: iPhone 16 GB
Shell of choice: 30mm incendiary from the GAU-8 Gatling gun!! :D
Wallpaper of choice: Axel the Pontiac Grand Prix
Skin of choice: My own...?
Favourite cartoon character: Vic Rattlehead (MEGADETH FTW)
Personal Quote: You won't know until you find out! :D


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